Tech Tip of the Month

Every month, we will share helpful information and/or tech tips so that you can diagnose and repair your engine and get back to work.

For the month of September, this tech tip revolves around when you may need a complete overhaul gasket set for your Cummins QSB 3.3 4-Valve Engine!

A couple of indicators include:

Smoke coming from the engine

Power Loss

Overheating Problems

Misfire on a cylinder

The engine is worn out, Ready for rebuild

If you believe you have an engine issue then Commercial Diesel has the answer for you with our Overhaul Gasket Kit for a great price of $525.00

The contents of this kit include:

Flywheel Drain Plug Washer

Banjo Bolt Washers

Oil Pump O-Ring

Banjo Bolt Washers 10mm

Banjo Bolt Washers M14

Intake Connection O-Ring

Banjo Bolt Washers M12

Front Accessory Plate O-Ring

Turbo Drain Tube Gasket

EGR Valve Outlet Gasket

EGR Water Pipe O-Ring

Turbo Gasket

Rocket Box Gasket

Valve Cover Gasket

Water Pump Gasket

Valve Stem Seal

Head Gasket

Thermostat Gasket

EGR Water Pipe Gasket

EGR Pipe Gasket

Injector Supply O-Ring

Fuel Pump O-Ring

Water Pump O-Ring

Front Main Seal

Water Pump O-Ring

Water Pump O-Ring

EGR Valve Inlet Gasket

Front Cover Gasket

Exhaust Manifold Gasket

EGR Pipe Gasket

Injector O-Rings

Rear Main Seal

Gasket, Oil Drain

Seal, O-Ring

Seal, O-Ring

Gasket, Flywheel Housing

Gasket, Connection

Contact us about purchasing this kit, handling equipment diagnosis and repair, or purchasing from our wide variety of parts. Email us at or call us at 830-372-1594 and we will be happy to get you back to work!

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