Tech Tip Of The Month- Dusting

Dirt and dust, two things that could lead to a world of problems First things first let’s break down what dusting actually is. Dusting is the process of when dirt and dust enter through heavy equipments air filters or air intake. Once beyond the filter it finds its way between pistons,rings and cylinders. Once mixed with oil this is where the big problems could occur. It creates a compound that is super abrasive which could lead to the failure of your engine. This is why a clean air filter can save you a world of problems. If you leave a dirty air filter for too long then you will likely start to see some performance issues. A few things you most likely will see is a decrease in engine speed and power, after that occurs you may notice the engine enter “limp” mode which is an engines way of going into a self preservation state, hopefully limiting more damage that could be done. If you believe your engine has been “dusted” the best thing you can do is stop using the equipment, and bring it in for one of our trained mechanics to have a look and confirm if your engine has been dusted. This can save you even more time and money and prevent you from buying random parts guessing if that could be the issue. A rule of thumb for us is if you are available to bring equipment that is the best way to determine the real issue then over the phone. This way we can go hands on and give you an accurate diagnosis of your engine’s issues.