Tech Tip Of The Month- Blown Head Gasket on Deutz

Every month, we will share helpful information and/or tech tips so that you can diagnose and repair your engine and get back to work.

This month’s tech tip is recognizing a blown head gasket on a Deutz 2011 engine.

A couple of indicators include:

· an increased engine running temperature

· A cloud of exhaust smoke when idling, or

· Oil coming out of the muffler.

Generally, the cause of a blown head gasket in a Deutz 2011 is a failed or failing injector so it is key to not just replace the head gasket or you will have a recurrence of the problem.

If you believe you have a blown head gasket, Commercial Diesel has created a Blown Head Gasket Kit. The kit includes everything you need to properly repair this type of issue.

Contents include:

· head gasket (specify # of engine cylinders and head gasket notches),

· valve cover gasket (specify # of engine cylinders)

· intake gaskets,

· exhaust gaskets,

· sealing rings,

· air intake gasket,

· injectors, and

· valve stem seals.

If you think you have overheated your cylinder head, it is best to have the cylinder head checked for cracking (which is rare) and check to ensure that the head is flat.

Be sure all surfaces are clean prior to the installation of new gaskets.

To contact us about purchasing this kit or to handle the equipment diagnosis and repair, email or give us a call at 830-372-1594 and we will be happy to assist you!

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