Who We Are

Our History

In 1996 Chuck Loftin started with a small engine and automotive repair shop, the past 26 years have been a blessing for this company as we have seen continuous growth and development day in and day out. Recently we took a step in a new direction as Angie Loftin become CEO/President of Commercial Diesel, under her leadership our company has a strong vision for the future. We want to be the first thought in people’s minds for equipment and service needs while maintaining our standard for quality and care. In the coming years, we want to go beyond the rental business and into new equipment and service needs. 

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide quality care and service with the customer’s time in mind. We allow our employees the freedom to do their job, allowing innovative independence. Creating a comfortable environment that allows them to put their best work forward. We are always working to be better no matter what, day in and day out. We will make it happen!

Our vision is to be the first thought in people’s minds about equipment and service needs. We want to be the standard for quality and service. We want to go beyond the rental business and into new adventures such as construction and government contracts, and be the premier dealer of heavy equipment in the coming years

Our Guiding Principles

1. With a focus on continuous improvement, we are constantly scanning our environment to identify new and better ways to meet the needs of our customers.

2. We will relentlessly pursue avenues and encourage innovative independence to meet the needs of our customers for parts, services, engines, or new equipment.

3. We believe in a shared goal with our customers – get the equipment or product to the customer ready to go back to work as soon as possible.

4. While time is of the essence, we still strive to set the bar for high-quality work and customer service.

5. We don’t just throw parts at it. We employ highly trained and competent personnel who get to the root of the problems and resolve them.

6. Identifying and selecting valuable partners is key to achieving timely service and competitive/fair pricing.

7. Setting a culture whereby employees have the freedom to utilize their skills, have access to additional education, and have open communication with others to effectively problem solve and put their best work forward.

8. Maintaining a safe, clean, and spacious place to work for all employees.

9. Management strives to seek out new opportunities to make Commercial Diesel a thriving, long-standing business.

10. Working hard is expected but having an understanding that we all have personal lives and need some fun now and again is key.

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